return conditions


 The conditions stated below are valid only for purchases made on our website  You will notice when you take the jewelery you ordered in the virtual store, the products that are sold are much more wonderful than they appear in their photos.

 You can return the entire amount you paid by returning the products you purchased from the virtual store within 14 days from the date of delivery from the shipping company.

 In order to cancel and return your order, you must first inform our Watsapp support line about this request and get the necessary address information to send the package back.  All responsibility for the package arrives at the consumer.  After the product reaches us, your order will be canceled after the necessary examinations.  If your order has not been sent to you, your order will be canceled as soon as you specify your request to our support line. The customer cannot use the right of withdrawal in the products that are produced in accordance with the special requests and demands of the customer or made personalized by making changes or additions.  For this reason, since all of the rings will be adjusted according to the size of the finger that the customer will choose during the order, the products that are inscribed on or in the gold parts, all the products produced in accordance with the customer's requests are included in the products that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.

 In order to exercise this right, the withdrawal decision must be notified to during this 14-day period.  For notification, just contact us at our contact number.  You can return the product you have purchased without any damage or use. Product information ordered can have - 10%, + 10% playing share. does not receive the product and does not refund the price in case of damage, destruction, use, replacement and similar conditions in the product, ie, it is not returned to the customer as it was delivered.

 Products produced exclusively for the person (products with names, full wedding rings, etc.) can never be returned.

 Except for custom made rings (10-17 sizes), the products in the sizes are strictly non-refundable.  (6,7,8,9-18,19,20,21 etc.)

 You can cancel your shopping from

 1. If the product has not been sent yet;  You can cancel your order between 10:00 am and 18:00 pm by mail or by phone.  Except Sundays.
 2. If the product was shipped;  After you notify us with one of the above methods, your cancellation will be valid if you deliver the product invoice, cargo delivery document and the product itself to us in a solid and complete manner.

 After the refund and cancellation of purchases made by Money Order and Credit Card, the price of the product or products will be sent to your account within 21 business days after the transaction begins.  After the cancellation and refund of your shopping with your credit card, the time that will pass for you to reflect the price to you is completely at the discretion of the bank you are using.

 If you perform the return transaction without getting approval from, your shipment will not be received without accepting your return.
 The consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal in the products that are produced in accordance with the very special requests and demands of the consumer or which are made personal by making changes or additions.  Lossless right of return cannot be used in case of subsequent changes in the rings, and subsequent operations such as chain extensions or shortening.

 You need to send your orders you want to return, together with the product, invoice-dispatch note, certificate, insurance forms and gift items, if any, with the shipping code we will inform you.

 After the return of the product, the price of the product is returned to the credit card if the order was placed using a credit card, and to the bank account if the order was placed via money order / EFT.  You can return the products you have purchased with the payment method at the door in case of damage or defect.
 • The conditions stated below are valid only for your purchases from  This procedure, which is valid on web page online sales, has been prepared in accordance with the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection.  Within the scope of this law, our customers can benefit from the right to return and change according to the items listed below. First of all, we regret that all of our products whose price is included in the category of products listed on the stock exchange (gold, silver and so on) are excluded from the scope of the lossless money refund.  Products that are bought from our stores or points of sale and produced personally at the request of the buyer, which are made private by making changes or additions (making measurements, writing etc.) are excluded from the scope of lossless replacement and return.  There is no change in consumption product groups.

 Products that are not covered by the above-mentioned situations may be replaced within the following written conditions within 14 days of the invoice date if it is found not to be used.

 • Please confirm that your product is suitable for change by visiting, within 14 days from the date of purchase for lossless replacement.

 • The certificate of your product must also be with you, otherwise it is unfortunately not possible to take action.

 • If your product has been approved for change, you can replace your sales page with diamond products, and with gold products from other gold products.