Garanti Şartları

Warranty conditions
 All products on the website are offered under the guarantee of Senileben Pırlanta together with their certificates.  The maintenance warranty of the products is two years.  However, Senileben Pırlanta is always with you to provide the support you need to use the products you have purchased for many years to come.
 In order for the guarantees of the products purchased from to continue, third parties and institutions other than Senileben Pırlanta should not interfere with the products in any way, do not adjust, repair, etc.  Products that are modified or tampered with are out of warranty.
 Check the products you ordered by comparing them with the delivery note during delivery.  In case you think that the products are missing or damaged, do not take the package by keeping a record from the cargo authority. The payment delivery of the products at the door is the most appropriate payment method for you to see your product and receive it flawlessly.
 You can report the situation to order official by using the contact form. Or you can contact Watsapp.  When you receive the product, you agree that the shipping company has fully fulfilled its duty.You can accept and pay the product when you see and try your product next to the official who comes with the payment method at the door.
 You can contact us by using the contact form for all your questions and problems on these issues.